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As an essential element of our network enhancement objectives, we have fostered a variety of valuable partnerships and affiliations within and beyond our industry. These strategic partnerships facilitate collaboration on critical initiatives, ensure up-to-date  knowledge of industry trends and advancements, and  enable discussions in relation to key topics around  sustainable development.

Our active involvement in essential networks facilitates our company’s expansion, while making a substantial contribution towards the achievement of shared  objectives. Through active involvement with a wide range of stakeholders, we are able to effectively share and adopt the most effective methodologies that promote environmental and social sustainability. The active participation in key associations cultivates collective  accountability, encouraging endeavors that tackle  societal issues and support the overall welfare of the  community. Simultaneously, we provide assistance for the advancement and execution of programmes centered on safeguarding the environment.  More specifically, we actively engage in sustainability groups and environmental forums, with the goal of incorporating environmentally-friendly practices into  our corporate operations. Through our collaborations  with multiple organizations, our Group is able to adopt  sustainable solutions, minimize ecological impact and  foster environmental consciousness and preservation.  Our relationships with industry groups and sustainability committees demonstrate our dedication to achieving excellence, responsibility, and innovation in safeguarding  the environment.


Engaging with groups and associations provides notable benefits, such as the development and use of innovative approaches and processes, as well as the widespread  sharing of knowledge within our industry. By establishing  connections and collaborations with other entities and  organizations, we are promoting an important and  beneficial shift towards sustainability that enhances  our sector. In addition, through the cultivation of a  collaborative approach, a culture of continuous learning  and improvement is fostered.

Πολιτική Απορρήτου & Αναφορών

The International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH), a Tokyo-based NGO, represents 168 ports and 134 port-related businesses across 84 countries, as of August 2022. These members manage over 60% of global maritime trade and container traffic. IAPH maintains consultative ties with various UN bodies, including UNCTAD, UNEP, and the UN Global Compact.

BIMCO is the world’s largest organization for shipowners, charterers, shipbrokers and agents that aims to be at the forefront of global developments, providing expert knowledge and practical advice to safeguard and add value to its members.

The European Sustainable Shipping Forum (ESSF) facilitates dialogue, technical knowledge exchange, and cooperation among the Commission, Member States’ authorities, and maritime stakeholders. It focuses on enhancing the sustainability and competitiveness of EU maritime transport.

Founded in 1998, Euroshore represents 36 members from 18 countries worldwide, with a mission to advance the interests of companies in ship waste management. It promotes the use of port reception facilities, eco-friendly waste disposal, adherence to international ship waste policies, and healthy competition. Furthermore, Euroshore contributed significantly to the European Directive (2019/883/EC) on Port Reception Facilities for ship-generated waste and cargo residues.

Based in Brussels, the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO), founded in 1993, is a collective voice for seaports within the EU. ESPO helps its members understand policy initiatives and provides policymakers with insights on the role of port authorities. It has evolved into a knowledge network engaging with stakeholders in the maritime sector.

The International Waste Working Group is a non-profit, non-political group of engineers and scientists working in the field of solid and hazardous waste management.


HEC Group provides exemplary services of superior quality in major European ports such as Piraeus, Hamburg, Gibraltar and Valletta.


HEC is one of the largest companies in the waste management sector worldwide, with many years of experience