We aim to deliver sustainable solutions that effectively safeguard the environment while and create added value for our stakeholders. The key pillars on which our business model is based on are:

Our Key Business Components

Unique expertise and international experience

Efficient operating model

Patented treatment process

Specialized and experienced personnel

We lead the way to improve your environmental footprint.


For decades, the majority of waste generated on board ships ended up in the oceans and at seas. Nowadays, shipping accounts for about 20% of the global discharges into the sea.

We undertake the collection, transportation, treatment and compliant disposal of all types of ship-generated liquid waste, from oily waste such as bilge water, used engine oils, slops and tank washings to noxious liquid waste and sewage.


We collect, transport, and treat all types of oily waste included in Annex I, II, IV, V, and VI of the MARPOL Convention. By managing your waste, we prevent hazardous substances from ship operations from entering the marine environment, helping shipping companies establish and maintain strong environmental perfrormance in their daily operations.

Finally, we have all the necessary equipment to manage any pollution incident, completely taming oil pollutants. We also offer oil spill response services and provide access to the means of preventing and combating oil spills, including floating oil booms, removal devices, special auxiliary vessels, etc.


HEC Group provides exemplary services of superior quality in major European ports such as Piraeus, Hamburg, Gibraltar and Valletta.


HEC is one of the largest companies in the waste management sector worldwide, with many years of experience