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Our People

Diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities

We acknowledge that our achievements are highly related with our workforce’s performance, both onshore/ land-based and at sea. Among our main objectives is to provide equitable opportunities for all. We strive to cultivate an environment that values recognition and inclusivity.

At every stage, from recruitment to retirement, we avoid discrimination based on factors like race, national origin, religion, disability, gender, and sexual orientation. Our approach extends to compensation assessments, training access, promotions, and employment termination.

Professional training and education

Our corporation is committed to supporting our personnel to achieve their professional development journey. We believe that by recognizing and supporting their talents and capabilities, we also pave the way for our organization’s enduring success.

We endorse both personal and professional growth by creating an environment where continuous learning is embedded into our culture. This approach supports our team members in reaching their career aspirations, while the collective expertise of our organization is amplified.

Moreover, every employee undergoes thorough training before embarking on a new role, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle their duties with proficiency and safety. Our training efforts cover all aspects of each role, while general knowledge is also provided.


HEC Group provides exemplary services of superior quality in major European ports such as Piraeus, Hamburg, Gibraltar and Valletta.


HEC is one of the largest companies in the waste management sector worldwide, with many years of experience