We aim to deliver sustainable solutions that effectively safeguard the environment while and create added value for our stakeholders. The key pillars on which our business model is based on are:

Our Key Business Components

Unique expertise and international experience

Efficient operating model

Patented treatment process

Specialized and experienced personnel


We lead the way to improve your environmental footprint.

Global Green Ports’ significant contribution to the implementation of the strict environmental requirements and regulations of the MARPOL Convention (International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships), which requires each port to provide adequate port facilities to receive the residues generated by ships, is distinguished from the competition and valued by its customers and partners.

We are the key assistants, to ports and marinas, in their efforts to create a comprehensive green operating model that meets and fulfils all modern regulatory requirements.

From residue collection to optimal treatment and final disposal, provide a holistic approach with simple and clear procedures for ports, which not only prevents ships from discharging their residues into the sea, but encourages and promotes environmentally sound management of shipping residues, thus contributing to the sustainability of the ports’ operating model.


HEC Group provides exemplary services of superior quality in major European ports such as Piraeus, Hamburg, Gibraltar and Valletta.


HEC is one of the largest companies in the waste management sector worldwide, with many years of experience